The Fastest Way To Vendor Managed Inventory!

How It Works:

PTSolutions has streamlined the process of having Vendor Managed Inventory on your shop floor. Simply choose what machine(s) best fit your needs, download the form and send it back. Really! That's it! We do the rest. We Ship it. We set it up. Plus, we even supply the training. If that isn't enough? We even monitor your inventory to ensure you never run out of the essentials your business needs. As you can see from the selection down below, we have the solution for any shop.This agreement has NO ANNUAL FEE and MINIMAL COMMITMENT.

Become A Safer Workplace With VMI

There has never been a greater need for business's to use safer practices to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. VMI offers just that. With features such as digital reporting and automatic replenshment which means less hands touching and less personnel entering your building. VMI offers the security in knowing that your supply chain will never be inturrupted again.

                                     No Annual Fee & Minimal Commitment

  Secure And Manage Your Supply Chain                                         Experience The Benefits Of Auto Replenishment

PTSolutions Rapid Agreement